The Future has to be Green!

The Landscape Institute (LI) has launched a new policy paper on a green recovery from COVID-19. The new publication puts landscape at the heart of the UK’s recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, exploring how we can restart the economy while addressing entrenched health inequalities and tackling the ever-accelerating climate crisis.

Building on the public stimulus announcements made in July 2020 and ahead of the Autumn Statement, the LI urges the UK Government to seize a ‘once-in-a generation chance’ to invest for a truly green recovery. In its new report, Greener Recovery: Delivering a sustainable recovery from COVID-19, the Institute describes what role the landscape sector can play in contributing towards a sustainable economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, and what more the government needs to do to enable this.

The new LI paper outlines five principles to guide Government action in advance of its Autumn Statement. To achieve a truly sustainable recovery, the UK should:

  1. Take a natural capital approach to new infrastructure and housing
  2. Invest in maintenance and retrofit of existing places
  3. Set higher and fairer standards for green space
  4. Invest in natural solutions to climate change
  5. Create a step-change in green skills, digital, and data

Parks for London is delighted to be part of the new Parks and Green Spaces Network, formed by the LI and The Park Alliance and which contributed to this paper.