Green Space Quality Manual

The green space quality manual (QM) has been designed to be a guide towards setting, maintaining and improving quality standards across parks, green spaces and green infrastructure. It is not intended as a technical manual, nor has it been designed to replace site management plans or specific manufacturer’s instructions for maintenance. The elements of planting, infrastructure, buildings and equipment will vary from place to place and so this manual has been designed so that you can easily switch between landscape elements whilst on site.

The quality manual is presented as a tool which can help green space managers to retain their focus on quality, enabling managers to define their quality objectives and more easily and effectively monitor achievement against those objectives. By focussing on the visible evidence associated with quality outcomes, rather than the methods by which quality is achieved, the manual is intended to be equally useful to the lay person or the experienced professional. The intended audience for this manual is therefore as diverse as the potential delivery mechanisms likely to be adopted by landscape managers.

The Quality Manual (QM) is a living pdf document that will be updated annually. It is available digitally, allowing you to access it on the go and across different devices. Use this link to see a preview: Quality Manual Sample

Purchasing & application information

The QM is available free of charge to organisations that support Parks for London via a partnership contribution. If your organisation is not paying a partnership contribution then an annual user licence rate will apply to download the QM.  To view the licence rates and/or to complete an application form, please click on the relevant link below. If your organisation does not fit into one of these categories then please contact

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