London Green Space Commission

The London Green Spaces Commission (LGSC) met for the first on 1st April 2019. It has 14 commissioners, who will work over the next 12 months to develop new models for the delivery and management of London’s green infrastructure. The aim of their work is to help support London boroughs transform how their parks services are managed and funded, so that they can maintain or increase investment in parks and green spaces, in the context of substantial and ongoing constraints imposed on public sector funding.

The Commission is a commitment in the London Environment Strategy and supports the Mayor’s vision to make London a National Park City.  You can learn more about the LGSC and its commissioners here.

Parks for London is pleased to support the work of the LGSC and has prepared a briefing report for the commission ‘A review of London’s parks and green spaces: strategy, governance and value’ (which is available download below). Parks for London also attended the first meeting of the LGSC to provide additional information.

A review of London’s parks & green spaces: strategy, governance and value – By PfL