Just published – London Green Spaces Commission Report

We warmly welcome the London’s Green Spaces Commission Report, which looks at a collaborative approach to securing the future of London’s parks and green spaces and improving access for all.

During this pandemic our parks and green spaces have been life savers for many Londoners. So publishing the London Green Spaces Commission Report now, is timely as landowners rethink how public space can be better designed, managed and accessed in the future.

We cannot take these cherished spaces for granted nor can we limit their reach to just the park boundaries. As we re-conceptualise these spaces it is important that we work collaboratively to weave green infrastructure throughout London’s urban fabric to reach all communities, to make London a healthier, fairer and more resilient city.

The report recognises the role of Parks for London as a key player in building greater collaboration and sharing good practice across London; and that the charity has a pivotal role in developing a more collective approach as to how London’s parks and green spaces are managed and funded in the future.

The report makes two key recommendations to help secure a more sustainable future for parks and green spaces include:

A Centre of Excellence to champion and secure investment

A Future Greenspace Skills programme

Tony Leach, Chief Exec. said “We welcome the Commission’s report and look forward to develop and deliver the recommendations in partnership with the GLA, London Councils and other organisations.”