Integrated Weed Management Guidance – Launch

We are excited to have just launched our Integrated Weed Management (IWM) documents, produced in collaboration with the Amenity Forum and supported by the Mayor of London, as part of delivering commitments made in the London Environment Strategy.

We are grateful to Lambeth Council who hosted the event on for us at Lambeth Town Hall, on 11th March 2020. We would like to thank our presenters, Kevin Crook (Assistant Director Neighbourhoods, Lambeth), Cllr, Jon Burke (Cabinet Member for Hackney) and Bill Wyatt (Technical Services Manager, Sutton).  The presentation given by Tony Leach, CE, Parks for London can be  downloaded below.

Tony Leach, Cllr Jon Burke, Bill Wyatt and Kevin Crook at the IWM launch

The IWM documents (which include a policy template and reference guide) can be adapted and used by  local authorities to focus on managing the limited number of plant species which are either invasive; damaging to structures or sports pitches; or create health and safety problems, and to help drive down the use of herbicides such as glyphosate. Legislation regulating the use of herbicides requires all users to assess the options for control so that herbicide use is minimised. The guide is designed to help land managers to consider the options available in the least harmful way to people, water, wildlife and the wider environment. The guidance covers the range of horticultural, mechanical, thermal and biological solutions for managing weeds alongside chemical control. It also describes the process of preparing detailed integrated weed management plans and includes templates for a range of specific landscape uses. The IWMP templates have been produced in a digital format so that they can be accessed on mobile devices making them easier to use and apply on site.  You can read more in our press release below.

The IWM documents will be available to download from our website from 16th March 2020, so watch this space.

Tony Leach Presentation IWM Launch 11.03.20

Kevin Crook Presentation IWM Launch 11.03.20