Importance of Green Space During the Pandemic

The outbreak of the coronavirus has highlighted just how important our parks and green spaces are, they remain one of the few places still open during lockdown and we hope that as we continue to work with London’s land managers, we can balance public safety with the numerous benefits these spaces bring to residents –  health and wellbeing, cleaner air, urban cooling, critical habitat, community, tourism, enhanced productivity, employment opportunities and reduced energy consumption. However in spite of all these benefits there continue to be issues with funding, planning and management (often viewed as discretionary rather than essential) and equality of access. The provision of green space must start to reflect it’s vital status and how we conceive green space must change, this issue is explored in an article by Dr Meredith Whitten, an ESRC postdoctoral fellow in the LSE’s Department of Geography and Environment.  You can read more by clicking on this link: Valuing London’s urban green space in a time of crisis – and in everyday life.