About Us

London based charity Parks for London was originally set up in 2002. It became an independent charity on 7th March 2014.

Formerly the London Parks & Green Spaces Forum, charity Parks for London will continue to provide the leading strategic and representative voice for its supporters and the green space sector in London.

We love London’s parks and green spaces and work with the people that manage, maintain and enjoy them, to keep them thriving, accessible, safe and beautiful places.

Our Role

The charity, Parks for London exists to ensure that London’s green infrastructure continues to thrive now and into the future. The charity enables the people who plan, design and manage London’s parks and green spaces to share knowledge and experience. Our role is also to maintain and improve quality, maximise services and benefits and get the most from limited resources.

Our Vision

Our vision is a London that is a healthy and sustainable world city. A place where parks and green spaces make a major contribution to the health and wellbeing of Londoners and to the environment they live and work in.

Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure that London has a strong network of parks and green spaces. These should be of a high quality, safe, accessible and stimulating. The charity provides a wide variety of functions and services to land managers.

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